WPPL The Big Boyz Battle!

(v5.2 OPEN DIVISION) Get ready for WPPL-CPCL 2nd Leg this 30th April & 1st May 2011. With interesting matches between Team Nemesis, one of the strongest team in Asia versus the recent Semi-Pro Division Champ in My-NPL. Team Perth City Trauma – A rematch that’ll make everyone guessing : “So who is the stronger one?”
New appearance by Team Raskals, our most seasoned team in Malaysia with some new lineups – Can they still withstand the newer generation teams? Their old rival Team X-Fox ‘might’ be making a come back to face them again, maybe.
The only new team making an entry into all 3 major tournaments in Malaysia, Team Grammaton Clerics with their strong suppressing firepower and good defense : How long can they keep on pounding the aggressive opponents? Let’s see how they fare with the Big Boyz of Asia. I’m sure Demonz Red will be making a strong entry this time, loosing out to Team Nemesis on the finals of the 1st Leg, with a score of 1-2. This time, they won’t let Nemesis take the top spot that easily especially with Perth City Trauma around to mess with everyone’s ranking points.

The most talked about team appearance, Team Delta Rovers will be putting in their foot into the field, a team to look out for this time around. Without the presence of Mr.Bano (Team Ku-Japan) let’s see how they pitch themselves against these strong teams. Last year’s 2nd Leg Champion Team Warrior might be making an appearance, with most of them having their examination this year, let’s hope that they can be around to make history again. Another team with lots of student players, Team De-Mercy Kidz might be playing too. Pray hard they’ll be around this time. Let’s see if Team Warrior can repeat last year’s result again. (Superb fight with Team Nemesis in the finals, won by time over)
Our Johor players, Team OSB who managed to grab the 2nd spot for last year’s CPCL 5th Leg Finale (against Team Nemesis) will be here to show some Down-South-Power! Team OSB’s lineup are mostly Division 2 players, making them one of the ‘scariest’ team to play with. Even Nemesis was worried playing them in the finals!

Malaysian SLY sponsored team , Raz Legion might have some new players this time around. Hope they gel well for this leg cause there’s al ot of tough cookies around. No news from SIR yet at the moment. Would be great to see the top Johor teams coming up to flex their muscles. A little further up north from Johor, Flashpoint Paintball Park house team will be sending South Coast Enigma to display some Melaka firepower. There’s more potential teams around that qualifies for this division, like Team Halloweens with their aggressive fronts will sure do a lot of damage to the seasoned teams but we’re not quite sure of their entry this time. Other teams from MPOC, Team Xtioneers are making sure their roster doesn’t clash with this while Team CMX & Team Urban-X still haven’t shown any response. With so many other tournaments around it’s affecting participation to all leagues, let’s hope everyone is around to play each other. This is going to be a blast, it’s been a long time we’ve never seen the old boys doing their talk in the 50s.