WPPL 2012 sponsors

SLY Equipment – WPPL 2012 Platinum Sponsor. Our most seasoned sponsor for WPPL since it was launched 2 years back. Thank you very much to SLY Equipment for supporting WPPL (again & again!) Your dedication and believe in this tournament makes us work harder!



Annex Paintball, our equipment sponsor for WPPL 2010 & 2011. Now supporting us for another season. Thank you very much Annex Paintball!



Our new entry into in 2012! Macdev and their Asian Representative Mr. Alan Lian will be sponsoring World Paintball Players League! Thank you for your support Macdev! We will put up a good show for you!



P8ntBox.com from Europe will be covering the whole WPPL 2012 event. So players all around the world, keep checking on www.p8ntbox.com for WPPL results and updates there too! Want to be recognized worldwide? Play the WERD format then!