WPPL 2012 intro to D2

WPPL 2012 Latest Product! : Division 2 is opened to cater for teams that advances from last year’s v4.2 Intermediate Division which will be phased out this season. Division 2 will be using the v4.2 WERD Format which houses 8-players max in every leg,center flag and a newer prize structure. The organizer will be having 4/5 types of paint ranges from MYR155.00/MYR170.00/MYR185.00 and MYR200.00. This gives the players more flexibility on their preference of paint choices, thanks to the current and new vendors/brands/sponsors stepping into the WPPL expansion.
WPPL tournament carefully select the right teams to avoid the on-going sand-bagging issues which is still widely practiced till today. Division 2 teams are mostly teams that played in D3 for the past 2 years OR teams that are performing like a Division 1 team.
WPPL tournament encourage teams to make the next move to upgrade themselves so to better their gameplay and sportsmanship.
We hope to see more teams coming into Division 2 to wrestle their strength and skills with other stronger teams.
So get ready everyone, March 10/11 is the 1st Leg of WPPL 2012! (Open Division & Division 2)

You’ve got your equipments ready, so go kick some big-boy’s asses….

Andrew Loh