World Cup Asia results

Paintball World Cup Asia was a fierce battle between teams from over 32 countries from around the world. The World Cup Asia (referred to as WCA) hosted 1,810 paintball players hailing from 152 paintball teams. Teams competed in an indoor facility on astro-turf and millennium series bunkers. The layout itself lent to a defensive style of game play with 5 of the larger bunkers based in the back of the field.


Intercontinental Cup

Ton Ton’s
Team USA (Ironmen)
Pro / Am Paintball Division

Datis (Iran)
Reaper (South Africa)
STK (Australia)
Infernal (Thailand)

Division 2 Paintball

Alien 11 (Thailand)
Hellbourne (Thailand)
Mamba (South Africa)
Massacre (UAE)

Division 3 Paintball

Diako (Iran)
Rogue Assassins (Australia)
Golden Dragons (The Philippines)
Tension (Australia)

Division 4 Paintball

Armada Shooter (Malaysia)
Vindicated (Malaysia
CMX Badai (Malaysia)
Jogja United (Indonesia)