Team Graffiti

You better « AXE » somebody

Brussels Graffiti is sponsored by Empire Paintball in 2011
“Being the 14th placed team overall at the Millennium Series in 2010, playing for the first year in the SPL, and coming from D2 division in 2009, Brussels Graffiti came out stronger than ever before.

Graffiti’s sister team is now playing in D1 at the Millennium Series after completing 3 legs in D2 last season.

« We’re excited to continue our relationship for 6 years in a row with Empire and RPS ».

« Having the best gear, the best paint, the new Empire Axe is a huge advantage. »

We will be shooting the best paint, Empire RPS Paint, wearing Empire playing and casual gear, using Empire protection, Prophecy loaders and E-vent goggles.

Both teams are now fully sponsored by KEE action sports. The picture is now complete with the brand now Empire AXE.

Our teams has been the European image of Empire for so long and the passion for the brand is huge. Brussels Graffiti will remain active Empire ambassadors for the sport in Europe.

Next to Empire, will will also be using the personalized SLY Graffiti carbon barrels.

For all other professional paintball equipement, we have the most professional field and proshop in Belgium near Brussels: www.p8ntball.be

Participation and sharing our passion for our sport with a new generation of players is what we are about”, says Frank Bodart, coach and team owner of Brussels Graffiti.