Clone VX

Mac dev annonce le clone vx le prix sera de 999 eur.

MacDev are pleased to announce the impending release of the new Clone VX marker. The Clone VX is a highly refined version of the successful Clone marker of 2009. MacDev design engineers have revised many aspects of the marker, making it even better than the original Clone model.

Quote from head designer James Grundy:
« The Clone VX isn’t a crazy new invention. We haven’t reinvented the wheel. Just made it better, in essence the Clone VX is a revision giving the players what they have asked for after applying feedback for some of the top players in the world (Russian Legion, Syndicate, RNT etc).

What we wanted to do this season was take the Clone Platform and simplify/ refine parts that could have proven to be annoying to some players. We believe we have achieved this delivering our most polished gun yet. »

Users of the Clone will notice that the marker retains all the looks and feel of the origninal, but with a more refined build. The core changes are outlined here.

VX Drive

The Clone drive has had almost every part either re-designed, or at least optimised. The VX drive is a study in refinement with the entire system running at 15% lower pressure on average, and with snappier response time and sound signature. The main features of the new system are a new powertube for increased flow and brittle paint performance, gold bolt included as standard, new geometry valve keg and valve, optimised keg and spacer, as well as an enlarged powertube cap.

VX Feed

A new 2 piece feed tube has been designed and implemented for the VX model. The 2 piece design is smaller, lighter, more compact, stronger, and best of all: adjustable without tools.

VX Inline Regulator

Followers of the MacDev regulator designs will know that MacDev is more than 3 years ahead in regulator technology (close competitors are using designs based from the Droid and Cyborg RX markers). The VX inline represents further refinement, with a highly simplified design containing less parts (and o-rings) than ever before, making usage and maintenance a breeze. The VX inline has also been restyled to suit the Shift barrel system.


The Clone VX is bundled with the latest USB enabled Militia 2.0 software. The new 2.0 version contains some revisions on the highly successful 1.0 software, as well as some minor hardware revisions. The new 2.0 software is backwards compatible with1.0 hardware.


The VX is availble in all fresh colours – using 2 tone eye-cathing schemes and satin finish.

Want more?

There are more changes made than we can list – so many refinements like new soft touch detents, anchored USB and barrel shrouding, small things you may not notice individually, just intuitively feel that the marker is better.


The first Clone VX markers will be shown (and limited sales) from October 20th at World Cup (Fantasy of Flight, FL). The official release date for the Clone VX in the USA is November 1st. The availability in Europe is TBA, however, it should closely follow the USA.